Impact Hub is where nonprofits can see donation reports, customize their public profile page, and more.

There are two ways to get access to Impact Hub:

  • if you have one of our checks in hand and just need donation reports
  • if you need broader access

These are described below.

Immediate access to donation reports using the information on a check

  • Go to
  • enter your email and EIN
  • on the next page, still titled "Claim My Nonprofit," confirm that your organization's name is showing, and click the link "Received a check from us? Input your check for faster approval." 
  • You should see this:
  • Enter the check number and amount. If it matches a check we've sent, our system should automatically send you a confirmation email titled “Pledgeling Impact Hub” that will include a login link.
  • Click the link, log in using the same email address you already used, select a password, and you're done!

If you need access to other impact Hub features such as editing your database record, adding or changing your logo, etc, please see the next section, or start here.

Request admin access to a nonprofit's record

Request admin access to your nonprofit organization's Impact Hub information, including reports, using this form: – in addition to seeing and exporting donation reports, you will be able to update the logo, mission statement, and other data, and create your own donation widget to use on your site.

Even if you requested that we add your organization to our public database, requesting access to Impact Hub is a separate step. We do this to ensure that only authorized persons have access.

If you are requesting access from an email domain that we have linked to the nonprofit, approval is automated and fast. 

BUT … IF you are requesting access with a Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, or similar email account that does not use the organization's domain, we'll need to take additional verification steps. We have to be sure we only provide access to legitimate representatives of each nonprofit, so you'll receive an email asking you to do do one of the following:

  • point us to a page on the organization's official website showing the email address that should have access. For instance, if you're requesting access for, point us to where that address is shown on the site
  • reply to the email from an email address at the organization

  • have someone else with an organization email address send us an email, referencing the ticket, stating that it's OK to give access to your specific email address

  • if the organization has received a donations check from Pledgeling Foundation, reply to the email with a recent check number and amount
  • send us some other evidence that links your email address – not just your name – to the organization. This could be a bill or bank statement that shows both the organization name and your email address.

You can also let us know you have other ways to verify your connection to the organization.