(Note: this article applies to charitable donations via Evite and other other discrete donation forms, and NOT to our Give & Grow product for Shopify merchants. For Give & Grow, please go to that section of this help site.)

There may be deductions from the gross donation amount, depending on where the donation was made and the form of payment:

Payment Card Processing

Any payment to us made via a payment card, whether intended for a charitable organization or personal fundraiser, is assessed a 2.9% + 30¢ charge. This amount is deducted from the amount regranted to the designated charity or paid to the personal fundraiser beneficiary and is primarily used to pay third party payment processor costs.


  • If is a “cover our costs” checkbox, the payment card amount is increased and the payment card processing fee is not deducted from the donation. See description in the next section.

  • A commercial partner or sponsor has agreed to pay for payment card processing for donations on a specific site or to a specific cause or charitable organization. 

Technology Fee for Individual Donations

In cases where there is no optional tip on a donation form, there is a 3% Technology Fee deducted from the amount regranted to the designated charity or paid to the personal fundraiser beneficiary.


  • Tips and the Technology Fee are mutually exclusive (see below)

  • The donor may may see an option to “cover our costs.” If selected, the payment card processing and technology fees will be added on top of the donation / contribution amount, and the donor will pay the combined total. In that case, those fees are not deducted from the donation prior to regranting.

  • One of our commercial partners or sponsors may pay for the payment card processing and technology fees for donation forms hosted on a specific site or to a specific cause or charitable organization.

  • Employee engagement programs have a separate fee structure per an agreement between the employer and Pledgeling.


If a donation form has a line item for tips, there is no Technology Fee. The tip is optional and can be adjusted, including to $0.00. The tip is displayed to you prior to you approving the charge to your payment card. Tips are in addition to the donation amount so do not affect the amount reaching the charitable organization or personal fundraiser beneficiary. Because tips flow immediately to a for-profit service provider, under IRS rules they are not tax deductible to the donor.

Per-Check Fees for Disbursements to US Charitable Organizations

At the end of every calendar month, we calculate the amounts received for every charitable organization, net of the fees above, and send US charitable organizations payment for all amounts greater than $20. We charge a $5 processing fee per paper check.

Fees for Disbursements to Charitable Organizations Outside the US

For payments to non-US charities not registered as 501c3 organizations with the IRS, we partner with international nonprofits who handle the disbursements to the recipients. They will charge a 5% fee against the amount of the donations that we send to them. They may aggregate payments due to a specific organization across multiple months in order for the disbursements to be economic.