Donations to US organizations: You can contact the charitable organization directly and confirm that they have received payment from Pledgeling Foundation. If you hosted an event that had donations in more than one calendar month, those will usually be spread across more than one payment to the nonprofit. If you check with the nonprofit, make sure they know that.

If you need further confirmation, contact us and we can provide the information for you -- we can find when we paid your donation out to the recipient organization, and, and if it was by check, confirm that that they have cashed it. We can provide check images if necessary.

Donations received by Pledgeling Foundation during a calendar month are batched together and regranted within the first fifteen days of the following month – so please allow time for that to happen and for the nonprofit to process the payment. Some nonprofits are very quick to process payments, while others are not.

For donations outside the US: we work though international charitable donation processors and due to minimum fees, do not send them donations for regranting to a specific organization until there a minimum $500 in donations for that organization. This can substantially delay delivery of the funds, but the benefit is reduced fees.