Pledgeling Foundation is a donor-advised fund that regrants donations received via a number of channels and partnerships. It aggregates all donations received during a calendar month and, less any processing charges, send funds out on or before the 15th of the following month via paper checks (ACH is on its way).* Each check likely consolidates multiple individual donations from our partners such as Evite, Discovery Networks, stores on the Shopify e-commerce platform, and others.

Charitable organizations can see and export donation reports via our online Impact Hub. If you do not have an Impact Hub account, this article tells you how to get one 1) if you have a check in hand and just need to see donation reports, or 2) if you want broader admin access. If you have an Impact Hub account, here's how to log in and see reports.

Other than the exceptions in the footnote below, each check will match the donations received in one calendar month – so you can export the donations report from the Impact Hub and total by month, and that should match the check(s). PLEASE NOTE: we do not collect mailing addresses, and some of our partners' privacy policies or user requests for anonymity prevent us from sharing some information in the Impact Hub reports.


* the exceptions are 1) if IRS tax-exempt status has been revoked; or 2) the donations for the month total less than $20, in which case we wait another month to see if additional amounts come in.


Since Pledgeling Foundation receives the original donation and is a 501c(3), it issues the tax receipt – it is emailed to the donor as soon as the card charge is processed. We report the donation on our 990 if required by the IRS.