IMPORTANT: If Evite Donations was used for fundraising:

  • this article applies if the event host selected the "Charitable" option when setting up donations
  • this article does NOT apply if the event host selected the "Personal Cause" option. Those contributions are paid out to the event organizer or another person they designate.

This article also applies to donations for charitable organizations received via other platforms, such as the Give & Grow app on Shopify.


Charitable donations to Pledgeling Foundation are regranted to the non-profit designated by the original donor. The nonprofit does not have to do anything to receive the funds – Pledgeling Foundation mails checks combining all the previous month's donations, less processing costs (if any), from Colorado within 15 days of the end of each month (usually between the 7th and 10th).

Please make sure your nonprofit's mailing address at the IRS and our data provider Guidestar is up to date so that our payments aren't returned.

The nonprofit does NOT need to send a tax receipt. Since the original donation is to Pledgeling Foundation, we email a tax receipt to the donor almost immediately after the donation is cleared by our credit card processor.

Authorized representatives of nonprofits can see their donations on our online "Impact Hub." Sign up at -- there is more information on this in other support articles here.

Paper checks are currently the only remittance method we offer. Large nonprofits who want to participate in a beta test of ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments should contact