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Pledgeling Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a regranting program that efficiently distributes tens of thousands of donations each month from individual donors and businesses to their favorite causes. Donations come through integrated employer donation programs, services like Evite, media platforms, Shopify merchants, and many other brands and nonprofits.

Pledgeling Foundation operates as a "donor-advised fund," which means that donations are initially made to it and are immediately tax-deductible in the US. Donations to Pledgeling Foundation are made via a variety of online donation tools. The donor specifies which US 501c3 they want the donation to go to at the time the donation to Pledgeling Foundation is made. Once Pledgeling Foundation receives a donation, it is obligated, to the best of its abilities, to re-grant the funds, less processing costs, to the 501c3 organization specified by the original donor. 

Recipient charities must be US 501c3 non-profit organizations in good standing with the IRS. If Pledgeling Foundation is unable to donate to the originally designated recipient nonprofit (for instance, if they recently closed down, or the IRS has ruled them ineligible to receive tax-deductible donations), the donation will be regranted to an organization performing a similar mission.