Please note: this information applies to Personal Fundraisers (Crowdfund) only. For questions related to donations to nonprofit charitable organizations, visit that help site.

The only deduction from the donation amount is card processing costs. Virtually all donations are made via credit or debit card, and a 2.9% + $.30 per transaction fee covers the card processing costs charged to us.

If the donor chooses to leave us a tip, that is added on top of the donation amount. The tip can be adjusted to whatever the donor thinks is fair.

Let's say someone wants to donate $100 to a graduation party. They OK a $10 tip so we can continue to run this service. The total credit card charge is $110. Of the $100 that is the donation piece, $96.80 will be deposited in the host's bank account (that's $100 less the 2.9% less the 30¢ credit card fees).