When you set up your event, you selected whether donations should go to a charity, or a personal fundraiser (crowdfund):

For an explanation of the differences, see the other article in this section that covers that.

If you have selected the wrong type, go back to your event setup page, remove the existing event as shown here ...

… and then select the correct choice in that same "Donation Options" section:

If you select "Personal" then you'll receive an email with further instructions on how to set up a Pledge account and select a beneficiary (the person who will receive the funds). If you select "Charity" and then find and select your nonprofit from our database, your work is done.

If you are switching from "Personal" to "Charity" and your personal fundraiser (crowdfund) already had donations, one of two things will happen:

  • If the beneficiary doesn't verify their identity and banking info, the donations will be refunded to the donors after 30 days.
  • IF the beneficiary does complete setup, we are unable to redirect the older donations to the nonprofit. The funds already donated will be paid out as usual. 

Donations made AFTER the change from "Personal" to "Charity" will be paid by us directly to the nonprofit. 

If you are switching from "Charity" to "Personal" and there have already been donations, they will be paid directly to the nonprofit. We are unable to change this.