Please note: this information applies to Evite Personal Causes only. For questions related to donations to nonprofit charitable organizations, visit that help site.

If you have created more than one personal cause, you can switch between them when you log in to Pledgeling.

NOTE: there are cases where users created a first personal cause, and then, on the Evite event setup page, accidentally created a second one. These instructions will help you see the donations and setup for the 'right" one.

If you are logged in to the Pledgeling website, log out – otherwise the list of fundraisers may not be updated. Go to the purple circle at top right (it has your initials), click, and select "sign out" from the menu.

Sign in to the Pledgeling website, either at or at the sign in page here:

Click the purple circle at top right that has your initials and select "Evite Donations" from the menu that pops down.

If you have more than one personal fundraiser, now you'll see a list of them and their creation dates:

(if only one personal fundraiser is linked to your account, you will NOT see this and instead you'll just be taken to the dashboard page)

Select the fundraiser that's active and you'll be able to see donations and supply or update your identity and banking information.

To switch to another one of your fundraisers, click on the purple circle at top right and select "Evite Donations" again. You'll be taken back to the screen where you choose from the list.