Immediately after you create a personal fundraiser (crowdfund), our system sends you an email with instructions on how to complete setup on our separate site. These go to the email account linked to your platform account, which may be old -- so check there, and also check your spam or junk mail folders for it. If you can't find it, here's how to log in to our site so you can finish setup:

  • go to
  • for your email address, enter the one linked to your platform account (that's the one that they send to us for your login)
    • the email addresses have to match or this procedure isn't going to work … sorry, we know this can be a problem if you have an old email account linked to your platform account! The only real fix – for new donations only – is to go to your platform, update your email address there, then go to the event page and create another personal fundraiser. This one will use your updated email address and that's where we'll send the important how-to email. Unfortunately, we can't move any existing donations from the old fundraiser to the new one, so they may be 'stranded.' If you are unable to complete setup for the old fundraiser, the only thing we can do is refund those donations.
  • click "forgot your password?"
  • follow the steps and wait for the email to arrive (you may have to check your spam or junk folders)
  • once you have the email, click the included link
  • follow the prompts to set a new password
  • you should now be at the personal fundraiser (crowdfund) dashboard, where it'll ask you for the info necessary to complete setup.