If you contributed to a personal fundraiser (crowdfund) – not a charitable fundraiser – you may see a refund if:

  • We were unable to deliver the funds to the campaign organizer or the person they designated as the "beneficiary." This is usually because they did not complete the process of setting up their account to receive funds, including supplying some identity verification information and providing the bank info we need to make direct deposits. We do send them multiple reminder emails about this. Please note that once we've initiated the refund process, it can't be stopped, even if the event organizer fixes the problem.
  • The event organizer or beneficiary cancelled the fundraiser but hadn't received some of the donations. The contributions that were in process would be refunded.

Other reasons for refunds on both charitable donations and personal fundraisers include:

  • Our payments processor flagged the contribution as suspicious. In order to avoid possible chargebacks later, after we have already delivered the funds to the nonprofit, event organizer, or their designated beneficiary, we act cautiously and refund the amount up front.
  • You disputed a charge with your payment card company.