Give & Grow users can make donations via ACH, where we pull funds from your checking account, rather than credit card. The benefit is that payment processing cost is only 0.8%, capped at $5. That means more of the donation reaches the NPO.

Please note: ACH is US-only; we do not currently have a solution for Canadian or other non-US bank accounts.

Navigate to the general settings section of the Give & Grow app and scroll down to "Enter your payment information."

Then, click the "Update" link:

…and then  "Update your Payment method." There will be a choice to provide payment information via Credit Card or via ACH. 

  • "Bank account via Plaid" is recommended because it provides almost instant setup, and it works with most banks. 
  • If your store's bank is not supported by Plaid, or the "Bank account via Plaid" option doesn't work, you should choose "Bank account via microdeposits." 
    • PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL TYPING THE MICRODEPOSIT AMOUNTS since mistakes will make the verification fail, and our vendor makes it difficult to try again. If this happens, chat with us or open a ticket, and we will work with our payments processing vendor to try to fix this.

Once verified, future withdrawals will come out of your bank account instead of being charged to your store's credit card.