Pledgeling is now offering an ACH option to send donations to nonprofits! 

Step 1: Finding your bank account

The preferred way to connect your bank account is logging into it through Plaid. This option is secure, private, and verifies your account immediately.

If your bank is not listed or Plaid is unable to verify your bank, please visit our support website to create a ticket to assist in setting up ACH.

Step 2: Setting up payments

Pledgeling sets up payments once your banking information has been verified by Plaid in order to ensure a seamless monthly disbursement to your bank account.

Step 3: Pledgeling Review

Pledgeling then does a manual review to ensure the safety and security of your disbursements. If there are any concerns, someone may reach out to you to discuss the status of your bank account information.

This is a manual review of your account to ensure funds are going to the correct nonprofit.