After you’ve created a fundraiser, the next step is to share it with your Zoom meeting attendees.

  • Click ‘View’ 

  • Click ‘Invite to donate’

  • Copy the text to your clipboard

  • Paste into Zoom chat

  • Verbally notify your audience that the link to install the Pledge app and to view your fundraiser is in their Zoom chat. 

  • Ask them to install the app if they didn’t do so before the meeting. We recommend asking attendees to download the app before the meeting. 
    *Extra incentive to install the app is the special virtual background that is rewarded to those who donate. Remember to set the virtual background for this to work. See the ‘How to set the virtual background reward FAQ’. 

  • Confirm installation and that they can see your fundraiser by asking for a reaction (like a thumbs up). 

  • Ask your audience to click on the fundraiser and donate. Friendly reminder to ask your audience to donate, especially as new attendees join your meeting.